16 NYSC commonly used term you need to be familiar with.


you need to be familiar with these commonly used NYSC terms.*

1. _State co-ordinator:_
This is the overall head of NYSC in a state. He/she is in charge of all NYSC affair in the state.

2. _Zonal Inspector (ZI):_
He/she is in charge of the corp members posted to his/her zone. A zone consists of some LGs.

3. _Local government inspector (LI):_
He/she is in charge of the corp members posted to his/her local government.

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4. _Place of Primary Assignment (PPA):_ This is where a corp member is been posted to for the service year after the orientation camp. You can either be rejected or accepted. If you are rejected the LI has the power to repost you to anywhere within the local government. The PPA will give you clearance every month to testify that you worked.

5. _Community Development Service (CDS):_
This is a weekly activity engaged in by corp members to develop the community where they are serving.

6. _Personal CDS:_ This is a project in which a corp member engage in to develop the community where he/she is serving.

7. _Seven over seven (7/7):_
This implies dressing in full NYSC attire; the cap,crested vest,khaki shirt,belt,khaki trouser,socks and jungle boot.

8. _Payment voucher (PV):_
This is signed every month by all corp members for the payment of the month’s allawee. The pre-requisite for signing this is the clearance from the PPA and CDS attendance.

9. _Family house:_
This is a setting/lodge that has been organised by the religious bodies like MCAN,NCCF and NACC.

10. _Passing out parade (POP):_
This is done for corp members after the service year.

11. _Corps producing institute (CPI):_
These are various institutions that their students will be going for service.

12. _Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS):_
This is one of the groups you will find in the orientation camp that are in charge of disseminating information.

13. _Book of life:_
This is a book in the orientation camp where you will be required to fill in your details.

14. _Otondo or white fowl:_
This is one of numerous names you will be called in the orientation camp by the soldiers which means that you are a novice in paramilitary training.

15. _Allawee:_
This is a monthly allowance that you are entitled to be receiving throughout your service year which you have to do a clearance before receiving.

16. _Prospective Corps (PCM)_
This means you as Corps member yet to a deployed for service.



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